AIM Renton Employees Fight Hunger In the Northwest

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December 8, 2014

On Monday Dec 1, AIM Aerospace launched a company-wide food drive to benefit the local North West harvest charity.   Founded in 1967 and with a motto of “Hunger stops here”, NW Harvest is a Washington state based hunger relief organization committed to providing food to the disadvantaged residents of Washington State.

Typically, in past years an announcement would be made and employees would individually fill a number of boxes to be donated.  However, an idea was formulated to make this year’s drive a competition with the different departments in a challenge against each other.  As such, eight different teams were established with blown-up pictures of the team captions plastered on the front of the donation boxes located throughout the company.  (All except Engineering; apparently they could only come up with hand drawn stick figures.)

It became apparent that something special was happening as a great number of additional boxes were needed as the filled boxes got moved to a staging area.  The competition was fierce and within six days, the 255 employees of the AIM Renton division donated an amazing 13,333 pounds of food.  An employee of NW Harvest stated that in 20 years he had not had any one single company donate that much at one single time.