For over 30 years, AIM Aerospace has leveraged our team’s experience and expertise in developing and delivering products for airlines and original equipment manufacturers worldwide. From sophisticated ducting systems to certified structural components and innovative interior modules, AIM Aerospace is a leader in aircraft component design and manufacturing.

AIM Aerospace specializes in custom manufactured composite products including air management system ducting, decorative enclosures and composite panel assemblies. Using top of the line materials and leading edge technology, we assemble and install metal and plastic details as well as decorative finishes.

AIM Aerospace is the “Composite Solutions Provider” for the commercial aerospace, general aviation and defense markets. Our innovative process and lean operating culture ensure that we deliver the highest quality while providing maximum value.

  • Structural Composite Assemblies
  • Wing to Body Fairings
  • Body to Wing Fairings
  • Escape Slide Packboards
  • Wing Components
  • Tip Fairings
  • Light Housings
  • Non-structural Composites
  • Composite Panel Assemblies

Leveraging our unique design, development, manufacture and installation expertise, AIM Aerospace delivers innovative and flexible interiors to both commercial airlines and military authorities around the world.


  • Closets
  • Lavatories
  • Overhead Stowage Bins
  • Crew Rest Modules
  • Seat Furniture
  • Flight Deck Doors
  • Class Dividers/Partitions
  • Video Control Cabinets
  • Sidewalls
  • Life Raft Stowage
  • Cargo Liners