Our Company

AIM Aerospace is dedicated to the design and manufacturing of composites for the Aerospace Industry. With over twenty-five years of experience in the aerospace industry, AIM Aerospace, Inc. operates three primary manufacturing facilities in the Seattle Puget Sound area. AIM employs a workforce of slightly over a 1,000 and maintains a half-million square feet of facility space.

Each division has its own specialty and unique presence across a diverse range of products. AIM Aerospace in Auburn, WA, is dedicated to producing Environmental Control System (ECS) ducting primarily found on the B787 family of Boeing jetliners. AIM Aerospace Sumner provides a mix of oven-cured and autoclave structural composites. AIM Aerospace Renton (home to Boeing B737 family), is engaged in the design and manufacture of customer specific cabin interiors flying on some of the world’s most prestigious airlines.